Reasons To Journal!


Everyone needs time to spend on their own,  journaling would be amazing todo that. But, however there are so many uncountable reason for everyone to journal.

Journaling is not just one type which is writing and pouring up your mind with it more like a diary. There is planning which also count as journaling. Theres also some thing called (Bullet Journaling.) Its sort of a whole new way to journal and plan your events. Moreover, there is something called  dream journaling. Dream journaling has so much benefits which we will take about through out this blog. In addition there is travel journals and scrapbooking journal. S0 lets get into the topic.

First, lets get started with the first and most common type of journaling which is the DIARY. Its a really good way to keep up with your life and clearing all of your thought that you just don’t like to share with any person.

Second, the bullet journal is an new different way to write. It includes you ideas, your diary, and planner. Its a whole new level of journaling which is so inclusive of everything together that makes our lives easier. It has some rules that you can check on

Third, Scrapbooking is you taking some of your cute scarp picture that you checked out in a magazine or anything and then combining them together in a notebook. It is so fun todo and you can get very creative with it.

Fourth, a travel journal , it is so fun if you travel a lot into different new places. Try to write every everything you enjoyed during the trip to make it memento. Its makes that person to look forward to these moments that they are gonna write in it and share with others if they want.

Fifth, and the most interesting one of them all is the DREAM JOURNALING. As i read about it you keep a notebook next to your bed and we ever you have a dream you journal it does before it fades away  from your memory and by downing that a lot your brain starts to notice if it reality or a dream. More over you can control it on by time with downing that.

Thank you for reading, so sorry for not posting from a long time. Happy New YEAR! 2017




In any conference or a meeting thats made for the people to introduce their ideas then agree on one thats where consensus takes place. Its when a group of people reaches a general agreement. This topic has so many different opinions but i will share what i think of consensus so, i’ll write about about its disadvantages from my point of view.

Consensus might not work with large groups of people. Every one will try their best to have all of their time on introducing their ideas and convincing other how it correct. However, it doesn’t only needs lots of time but it also needs persuasion skills which might not be found in everybody. There could be a better idea than another but the person who expressed wasn’t convincing enough. Moreover, arguments starts when someone disagree or interrupt another. Thats why consensus should only be done in small groups not big ones to be controlled.

Second when its time to decide “the decisions should be by experts” as Jesse VanDeLaar said. When consensus is made by the majority the majority might agree on something harmful. In that case that group of people needs a professional advisor to tell them weather it will work or not. For example, in the student council meeting we sit to gather and choose the things that we are able todo with and elder and professional person to tell us weather this will work or not. Without an instructor every thing might fall apart.

Last thing to discus is that trust is not always found every where. Every one should do something to show that they are trust worthy and if they are more than 15 in a group using consensus there won’t be trust in anything cause they won’t be knowing each other well. That a flaw even out of a group its hard to find close people to trust fast. Relationships and friendship are destroyed because of lack of trust.

Using consensus is not easy. it is disturbing when its in large groups and even without a guider. There are so many other methods that are so way more useful than consensus to use to make a decisions.

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Summer break has came to an end. And throughout my summer vacation I started back my blog. And my school is starting next week so I wont be posting daily as in the past so from now on I will try to post once a week. Thank you!


What Type of Friend Are You?


People come and go but there are these ones who are always next to you and knows you well these type of people are called friends. Friends play great roles in each others life. Some stays next you in your entire life and there are others that are only found in just a short period and then go. There are whole types of friend; the BFF, talking behind your back friend, the crazy friend, caring friend, the problem solving friend, the rebellious, the lala-land person  and the talkative person. There are more but, these are the special ones will be stated through this paragraph. Continue reading



Whats the true meaning of greediness? In my Perspectives its a really bad human behavior thats not found in everyone, indeed thats a good thing. But, there are so many people has this type of behavior. However, whats the downfall of a greedy person?

Well, greediness always ends with the person’s downfall which is his life lesson that he might lose lots of friends and things thats related to him in the lesson. If someone wants something more that they can’t earn with in their own knowledge is greedy except if someone is planning to work harder and learn more thats a totally  another thing. The most important thing that everyone should always remember that God gave us what we deserve and we can for our abilities. So,  if we someone have the ability to improve in it will be better for everyone because they gained it by  working hard and the abilities that God gave him. So, no-one  should be asking for more  form your principle or the people that your working for cause i am 100% sure if theres someone doing great the won’t be late for giving them more than what they have. But not bothering to work hard and attain for your goals than asking for more form the people who gives you just because you see them wealthy doesn’t mean they have to give lots of money. Just pray God for best and he will help you and give you what you are able to deal with and help you receive it.

Now, I will tell the main reason I choose to write this post today is that I have that driver which takes a good salary everyone would dream for as having as in the driving job and he wasn’t content so he left. People sometimes look what in the other person’s hand but w all have to be content is whats in our hand for the good to come for us. Greediness and wanting more won’t help in anything but for our downfall. If you like this post give it a like and don’t forget to add your opinion in a comment.