On Demand: GSeTrIoLnTiOmNo

Hi guys what is GSrTeIaLnToON?   I don’t know!

Do you know ! If you sip rated GSeTrIoLnTiOmNo to two words it will be Geronimo Stilton.

​Geronimo is a character in books and in  comic books.There is a book i read one of geranimo’s books i liked it  the most. It called 
The Christmas Toy Factory.​​ I would like to tell you  about it. Not all the story a short summery, i would like to share .This book about Geronimo ,not Thea or Creablla or kingdom of fantasy.
The book is about Geronimo in the Christmas . He was at work and one day his grand father told him you have to work hard to be rich and he said that with shutting on Geranimo’s  face . Geronimo did not go home all the night was working . He fell a sleep once he was working in his office . He dreamed that he went to Santa and he is the one who give out the gifts . Because Santa was sick and he was sour  that Geronimo that he can do this assignment  alone. Then he  succeed in this assignment. When he a woke  it was the Christmas party he told his family i don’t have time , he said that because he is scared from his grand father. His grand father told him why you will not come to the party, he said  you told me i have  to work hard his grand father reply i was joking.He went to the party and he had fun.​

The End

​If you want to know more about Geronimo click here

Did you ever read  one book of Geronimo Stilton?

Did you like it or no?


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