Olympics Artistic Gymnastics


US gymnasts  celebrate with their gold medals on the podium during the women’s team final Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympic Arena during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The 2016 olympics in Rio  the thing thats everyone is watching now but, specifically  the  artistic gymnastics. However, this blog is a brief summary with what happened in the Artistic Gymnastics. Today in the artistic gymnastics has to be describe as the Americans were on fire. The  first and second places where american that was  totally got proven with their amazing hard moves. Well, if u wanna know more 

First place was Simone Biles which the way she stood up with her toe way  with exactly proved to her that she will be the first. She has proven herself and that what made the others lose control with crying and panicking throughout their performance except for her best friend which has proven her self too which she took  the second place Aly Raisman  with her high jumps and amazing twirls. While all of that was happening the Russian  girl, Aliya Mustafa, was about to pop out with jealousy and anger from the way she look at them but, she won the third place anyway so she should still be proud of her self. While all of that was happening that small chines girl whom was no. 325 was crying for not being from the top three which should give her more motivation to work harder and harder everyday to increase her achievements.

Well, that just a simple brief summery from what was totally happening in  the  independent women artistic gymnastics today in the finals. I wish you liked it and i would like to know your favorite sport you like to watch in the olympics in a small comment down below. 😉

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