Social Network Thats Controlling Us Now


Social Network is that  major thing thats controlling us right now in the 21st century. The main reasons are laptops and mobile devices which the compenies are competing against each other for the best phone in the world.  Then, selling it to the people all arround the world for them to access by app and websites. We all of course think its an amazing thing and achievements by science and studies compare to the thing that used to exsit in the past. Well, there are more to it in what it does to us. In addition, it has lots of benefits but, it has also has lots of other harms over us. However, through out my post will be stated some  benifets and harm of social networking.

Fisrt importants thing of all , are the things we gain from it which are the benifits. It makes people meet/greet each other fast and thats a good thing for a busy person and for long distanced people. It makes trading and componies communicate togather faster, unlike old times which is dedcting a certain place face to face and if someone is unable to come the can’t tell  each other probably they dont have anything to communicate with, such as phones, laptops, fax and, etc. Social network make people work fatser and get money easily which is a really  good thing and a perfect way to improve within your country. Social networking is even a great way to pass news over and share stuff with other people. There are also lots of disadvantages as there are in advantages, which will be stated through the next paragraph.

Second of all, are the harms that we gain from social networking. Most important of all, it trespasses people’s privacy. in addition,everyone thinks that we have great security to our private/personal information on the stuff we post socially but, everyone is wronge you can have hard password and everything similar to that but its not enough. Stalkers can know everything about you from your friends posts. Ohhh…. isn’t that creepy? It totally is unlesss you control the thing that ur friends post that shares any private information  about you. Well, thats only a one solution of meny. In addition, thats not the only harm there are plenty more. Negative health consequences is an another harm from social networking. It harms our body by staying on it more that three hours which is hyper-networking which also creates depression, suicide, poor sleeping patterns, and poor academic preformances. It also creates social isolation. Not interfering with people face to face can create host of mental, psycological, emotion and physical problems that includes depression, anxiety, stress and etc. Through this paragraphs some harms were stated but everyone should know there are lots of meny other  harms not only these.

Social network doesn’t only bring us advantages but, also disadvantages as every single thing that was created in this universe. Thats the reason which leads us to be careful on our selfs from evrything around us. Moreover , i would like to know what advantage of the social network in a comment down below. I will be so over joyed to listen from you  😉 !


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