Are You an Instagramer or a Snapchater?


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This Instagrammer vs. Snap-chatter thing is all about what has more advantages that would be useful for us more. How ever as we all know everything has advantages and disadvantages. Yup…thats life! In addition, at the very end I would like to know which app you personally use more.😉

I see lots of people use Instagram nowadays. Instagram and Snap-chat are really trendy apps to check out in our leisure time. But, every one think that it might have lots of disadvantage and a low number of advantages but i say its advantages are so useful that it would cross out its disadvantages same for snapchat too. However lets get back to our topic. Well, Instagram does amazing job for business and marketing doesn’t matter if its a small and big company. Its a great way to connect easily with the customers and check out the trendy stuff they would probably want. It has a great way for you to share your products and let everyone else see it easily. You also have the option to share your stuff in other apps as Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and, etc within you Instagram. It could be a good way to get knowledge from other people and see other people’s opinion all around the world. Now you see one thing that would have lots of disadvantage has advantages that would cross them out so same as for snapchat. For me snapchat is way so much fun than Instagram cause you an share a live moment that makes it more special by sharing it with other people. Moreover if that moment’s lighting is a thing you might not really like so they made you some filters to improve it. Snapchat feels more private than instagram cause you choose all of your friends precisely. In addition it shows if someone screenshot you picture, which is something thats not found on Instagram. The best thing in it for example if you post a pic no one can see it other 10 seconds for 24 hours which, is amazing cause if u have a flaw in the picture that you don’t want anyone to see it would be visible until they have the picture in fort of them longer than that. The best thing in snapchat that i feel that it gets people along and know each other more. The biggest evidence the double chin selfie that no one would dare to put it on instagram as a normal picture on your profile. How awesome is that!

With the other funny thing everyone sends to their close friends on snapchat makes it a strong tool for friendships moreover, Instagram is a good way to show your marketing products, business or even, private pictures all of them are good parts of social media which, i wrote an essay about click on social networking to check it out. Don’t forget to comment down below which app you use more.😉


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13 thoughts on “Are You an Instagramer or a Snapchater?

  1. 83unsungheroes says:

    I blogged about this last week too. I’m Instagrammer who has never really used Snapchat before. I hate Instagram Stories because I actually like them and don’t want to! My thinking is that Stories will take some of the spam of people’s lunch and memes etc off the main platform and make it better for real pictures.

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  2. Jim Kane says:


    Good morning (from my part of the world) I am an IG’er all the way. It connects me to some of my hobbies, such as books and aviation and allows me to share some wonderful cat pictures with the family and pictures of my cat with the world! A great post! Have a wonderful day!



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