📝 How to Rock an Essay? 🤓

wcaytwe_img1Essay! Its a type of expressing thing in a form of writing. There are lots of typs of essay but, through out this post it will just be about the main points in every essay. Essays always include: title, an introduction, body paragraphs and, a conclusion. All of these thing will be elaborated in throughout this essay in the following paragraphs. Hurry! Go catch them out. 😆

First thing comes first and the first thing you have to have for writing an essay you have to have a topic that you are gonna write your essay about. Choose something interesting that you would be able to elaborate in.Your topic should be attention grabbing so the reader would want to open it and not passing it by. You should include strong adjectives in your title. However, if you could try to make it statistic if you can it will let the reader want to read it. Don’t forget to try adding some color into your title, if you can, for it to look more interesting for the reader.

After choosing the topic and the title now you can start in the introduction. First, you have to think about in you introduction is making an attention grabber at the being cause thats the thing that would want the reader interested in reading your masterpiece. That would let them continue reading the whole essay. You should include a thesis-satement which is the main idea of the essay to let the reader know what type of essay they are about to read and, give examples. At the end of the intro or within it you should inform the reader what the are about to read through the following paragraphs direct or indirect (but, I see if you give it to them indirect is more professional.)

Third of all, the body paragraphs, the main thing in the whole essay. Well, if you want to have a strong  essay you have to include transitions and conjunctions but, try your best to not stick to the same ones every time that way will make the reader so bored and probably won’t continue reading your article/essay. Plan to create more clause and prepositions phrases to make you essay better. The main sentence is the the most important thing of all of your body paragraphs cause you are going o add supporting sentences to elaborate it later. The main sentence could be in the middle,end or, even the beginning it won’t really matter. Avoid string sentences, run-ons and, fragments too moreover build up on them some apologies and metephors. If you have more than one body paragraph try to inform whats gonna be about through the following paragraph.

The Final thing is the rap-up, which is the conclusion. Conclusions are always short and summarized up. To enhance your reader apply a clincher: it could be a quote,question or, a brief idea.

Thank you for reading my essay! I wish thing could be useful enough for every one. If you have any questions or feed backs please comment them down below. Don’t forget to give a like. 🙂

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