We all have our ups and downs. However,through out them we someĀ  of confidential problems of being expose around people or someone might occur. I feel its totally normal specially for children. Sometime it shows in presentations or even talking to a person you don’t really don’t know. I was a really shy person when I was young moreover I didn’t have that much of friends cause I didn’t feel confident enough to talk to other new people. Now, I am not shy. I started to thinking positive and time helped me for that. Well through out this post aboutĀ theĀ the name of this kind of confidence problems and how can you treat it to get over it.

The confidential problem is called Imposter Syndrome. Its a major type of confidential problems that lots of people have. This type is being so shy to be exposed infront of other people. I believe that over-thinking is a really big part of the importer syndrome. The evidence are that the person is just creating fake things that might never happen in his own head and thats too bad. By getting over itĀ you should have a positive mind to boost Ā your confidence which will be stated in the following paragraph.

How to boost your confidence?Ā To boost up your confidence there are some simple tips anyone can follow. Having a positive mind improve your confidence a lot. So there are some tips I would like to share. Ā First, See the good side perspective of everything Ā thats happening and believe you are successful moreover, nothing is impossible. Second, always remember that you are awesome no matter what and no matter whats the opinion of the people around you. Third, always straight upĀ your body and speak up you have nothing to be ashamed of ( always put this in your mind). Fourth, its an epic tip the i heard about that you would like todo before an interview or presentation. Do your own heroic pose and keep it for 3 minutes straight in from of the mirror. These are just all of the tips i could think of and heard from other people

I wish you’d find this post advisable. In addition, I’d like to see some of your comments down below which tip you’d like to use the most. Reminder, don’t forget to hit the like button.

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