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What do feel/think of when you read something that written “News?” Me personally think of politics, crimes, sad real-life stories, celebrities, facts and, problems. But, today my news is different from any other types of daily news.

My daily news will always be about my blog. I chose to write this today  cause yesterday was my best blogging day ever. First it always felt that i was just talking to my self but, now i really feel that there are so many people waiting for my posts. first my parents were the only people who used to read it but then you guys followed. I would also like to say “Thank you” a special type of thanks to my new followers. I might also be exaggerating but seriously now one understands how happy I am. Opening back my childhood blog (thats why if you open why very on posts it doesn’t make sense) and starting in a week and suddenly one day 5 people follows moreover, with lots of comments and likes  thats more than amazing, THANK YOU!

However by now when you read this “News” as a title of my post you should be informed as its just  not a normal post its something relate to me the author. ITS MY PLEASURE TO HAVE YOU READ THIS!!!!

REMINDER: I am just a 15 years old girl who loves writing and found it as her hobby more this girl like to read your fantastic comments and see your likes.

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