Whats the true meaning of greediness? In my Perspectives its a really bad human behavior thats not found in everyone, indeed thats a good thing. But, there are so many people has this type of behavior. However, whats the downfall of a greedy person?

Well, greediness always ends with the person’s downfall which is his life lesson that he might lose lots of friends and things thats related to him in the lesson. If someone wants something more that they can’t earn with in their own knowledge is greedy except if someone is planning to work harder and learn more thats a totally  another thing. The most important thing that everyone should always remember that God gave us what we deserve and we can for our abilities. So,  if we someone have the ability to improve in it will be better for everyone because they gained it by  working hard and the abilities that God gave him. So, no-one  should be asking for more  form your principle or the people that your working for cause i am 100% sure if theres someone doing great the won’t be late for giving them more than what they have. But not bothering to work hard and attain for your goals than asking for more form the people who gives you just because you see them wealthy doesn’t mean they have to give lots of money. Just pray God for best and he will help you and give you what you are able to deal with and help you receive it.

Now, I will tell the main reason I choose to write this post today is that I have that driver which takes a good salary everyone would dream for as having as in the driving job and he wasn’t content so he left. People sometimes look what in the other person’s hand but w all have to be content is whats in our hand for the good to come for us. Greediness and wanting more won’t help in anything but for our downfall. If you like this post give it a like and don’t forget to add your opinion in a comment.

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