What Type of Friend Are You?


People come and go but there are these ones who are always next to you and knows you well these type of people are called friends. Friends play great roles in each others life. Some stays next you inĀ your entireĀ life and there are others that are only found in just a short period and then go.Ā There are whole types of friend; the BFF, talking behind your back friend, the crazy friend, caring friend, the problem solving friend, the rebellious, the lala-land person Ā and the talkative person. There are more but, these are the special ones will be stated through this paragraph.

Well, there are lots of types asĀ IĀ stated through the intro. Lets start with the caring one, that type of friend really cares about hows every one is doing and everything thats going on. This one just like to know stuff (i personally call it the nosey) but, I totally accept thatĀ friend cause thats the ways they know how to make friend and keep up with them. Now, for the crazy friend they probably aren’t psychos but, in depth they are hyperactive. They just can’t sit quite and do nothing. They like to be adventurous and do ordinary stuff which is amazing cause you never get bored while they are around. Then, comes the talkative one , that person likes to talks about anything even if it a stupid things they make feel is major. Whatever they talkĀ you would like to listen to them. Here we come to the rebellious one who hate and complain of everything around but they are really goodĀ friend at the end. There is that one I really love which is the problem-solver when that one is the person that you go to whenever you have a problem and you can’t find a solution and they just get you a solution in just like a snap. They like you telling them your problem and they never get bored of your troubles ever. Now here comes the one that talkĀ behind your back. You just know they talk about from your other close friends and people like that but you others turn against her so she/he stops. Theres that lala-land one the one who is not in the world your living in and everything for them is just fine or so what. The last for the best THE BFF (which is an abbreviation of best friends for ever.) Every one has that friend that never leaves them and she/he isĀ yourĀ soul mate and bestie. The BFF is the overlong time friend that you meet you the other types and pass them together. Your BFF never miss anything about you the know the big and small detail of everything in your life, the one you love and trust the most. These are just basicĀ types of friends that every one almost have.

A strongĀ friendship doesn’t need Ā daily conversations or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part. ~ unknown

Make friends everywhere you go and keep in touch with them and never let them go one day trust me you’ll need them all next to you. However, if you have a friend that bothers you just talk to them about in a good way a for them to accept it and improve within them selves. If they didn’t then they don’t deserve your time for you to hang out with them.

I accept all of the types. Everyone has the good and the bad and we should accept all. Don’t forget to give a like and comment your opinion down below.

Thank You for reading!



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