In any conference or a meeting thats made for the people to introduce their ideas then agree on one thats where consensus takes place. Its when a group of people reaches a general agreement. This topic has so many different opinions but i will share what i think of consensus so, i’ll write about about its disadvantages from my point of view.

Consensus might not work with large groups of people. Every one will try their best to have all of their time on introducing their ideas and convincing other how it correct. However, it doesn’t only needs lots of time but it also needs persuasion skills which might not be found in everybody. There could be a better idea than another but the person who expressed wasn’t convincing enough. Moreover, arguments starts when someone disagree or interrupt another. Thats why consensus should only be done in small groups not big ones to be controlled.

Second when its time to decide “the decisions should be by experts” as Jesse VanDeLaar said. When consensus is made by the majority the majority might agree on something harmful. In that case that group of people needs a professional advisor to tell them weather it will work or not. For example, in the student council meeting we sit to gather and choose the things that we are able todo with and elder and professional person to tell us weather this will work or not. Without an instructor every thing might fall apart.

Last thing to discus is that trust is not always found every where. Every one should do something to show that they are trust worthy and if they are more than 15 in a group using consensus there won’t be trust in anything cause they won’t be knowing each other well. That a flaw even out of a group its hard to find close people to trust fast. Relationships and friendship are destroyed because of lack of trust.

Using consensus is not easy. it is disturbing when its in large groups and even without a guider. There are so many other methods that are so way more useful than consensus to use to make a decisions.


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