Reasons To Journal!


Everyone needs time to spend on their own,  journaling would be amazing todo that. But, however there are so many uncountable reason for everyone to journal.

Journaling is not just one type which is writing and pouring up your mind with it more like a diary. There is planning which also count as journaling. Theres also some thing called (Bullet Journaling.) Its sort of a whole new way to journal and plan your events. Moreover, there is something called  dream journaling. Dream journaling has so much benefits which we will take about through out this blog. In addition there is travel journals and scrapbooking journal. S0 lets get into the topic.

First, lets get started with the first and most common type of journaling which is the DIARY. Its a really good way to keep up with your life and clearing all of your thought that you just don’t like to share with any person.

Second, the bullet journal is an new different way to write. It includes you ideas, your diary, and planner. Its a whole new level of journaling which is so inclusive of everything together that makes our lives easier. It has some rules that you can check on

Third, Scrapbooking is you taking some of your cute scarp picture that you checked out in a magazine or anything and then combining them together in a notebook. It is so fun todo and you can get very creative with it.

Fourth, a travel journal , it is so fun if you travel a lot into different new places. Try to write every everything you enjoyed during the trip to make it memento. Its makes that person to look forward to these moments that they are gonna write in it and share with others if they want.

Fifth, and the most interesting one of them all is the DREAM JOURNALING. As i read about it you keep a notebook next to your bed and we ever you have a dream you journal it does before it fades away  from your memory and by downing that a lot your brain starts to notice if it reality or a dream. More over you can control it on by time with downing that.

Thank you for reading, so sorry for not posting from a long time. Happy New YEAR! 2017



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