We all have our ups and downs. However,through out them we some  of confidential problems of being expose around people or someone might occur. I feel its totally normal specially for children. Sometime it shows in presentations or even talking to a person you don’t really don’t know. I was a really shy person when I was young moreover I didn’t have that much of friends cause I didn’t feel confident enough to talk to other new people. Now, I am not shy. I started to thinking positive and time helped me for that. Well through out this post about the the name of this kind of confidence problems and how can you treat it to get over it. Continue reading


News 📰




What do feel/think of when you read something that written “News?” Me personally think of politics, crimes, sad real-life stories, celebrities, facts and, problems. But, today my news is different from any other types of daily news. Continue reading

Olympics Artistic Gymnastics


US gymnasts  celebrate with their gold medals on the podium during the women’s team final Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympic Arena during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The 2016 olympics in Rio  the thing thats everyone is watching now but, specifically  the  artistic gymnastics. However, this blog is a brief summary with what happened in the Artistic Gymnastics. Today in the artistic gymnastics has to be describe as the Americans were on fire. The  first and second places where american that was  totally got proven with their amazing hard moves. Well, if u wanna know more  Continue reading

Social Network Thats Controlling Us Now


Social Network is that  major thing thats controlling us right now in the 21st century. The main reasons are laptops and mobile devices which the compenies are competing against each other for the best phone in the world.  Then, selling it to the people all arround the world for them to access by app and websites. We all of course think its an amazing thing and achievements by science and studies compare to the thing that used to exsit in the past. Well, there are more to it in what it does to us. In addition, it has lots of benefits but, it has also has lots of other harms over us. However, through out my post will be stated some  benifets and harm of social networking. Continue reading